Pacegate Energy and Resources Limited (PEARL), an arm of Pacegate Limited recently launched an ultra-modern manufacturing plant where drilling chemicals, water, and oil-based production chemicals are formulated and manufactured in Nigeria and accessible to clients. PEARL, an Integrated Management System will provide chemical treatment solutions, laboratory testing and services, and professional field support services to the upstream and downstream sectors, as well as other relevant sectors. This is in a bid to meet the growing needs of the Oil and Gas and transportation sectors of the Nigerian economy and Africa at large.

This has been made possible by its partnership with global energy solutions provider, Canadian Energy Solutions (CES). The partnership sees PEARL’s wide reach in both offshore and onshore operations supported and extended by CES’ global capabilities. PEARL will commence the formulation of eco-friendly products and provide superior innovative treatment chemicals and application technology services to Oil and Gas exploration and production platforms, refineries, petrochemical plants, among others.

PEARL’s well-trained and highly experienced engineers partner with clients to identify and proffer proper resolutions to challenges related to upstream production and downstream chemical treatment solutions, as well specialised chemical solutions for the transportation sector. The team of engineer’s support customer needs with extensive laboratory and real-time field testing to help solve queries using world-class standards and industry best practice.

Speaking on the partnership, General Manager, PEARL, Franklin Oranusih said that PEARL was established out of a desire to solve industrial challenges with innovative solutions and partnerships.

“We have a commitment to deliver quality and eco-friendly products as we continue to play our part in supporting local content in Africa. As the oil & gas sector continues to grow, it is expedient that we consider the effect it has on the environment, among others. This partnership is a sign of our commitment and we are delighted to announce it. We also appreciate the support of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment and the Nigerian Content and Development Board – NCDMB for its support as we continue to fulfil this commitment.”

Commenting on the partnership, the Honourable Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment Otunba Adeniyi Adebayo stated that there is a need for innovative partnerships such as this to boost local content in Nigeria. “I am pleased to formally commission the first local content fluids and chemical solutions manufacturing plant in Nigeria, which represents a significant landmark for the country’s industrialisation programme.

Domestication of products has been at the centre of this administration’s industrialisation programme to drive job intensive growth of the Nigerian economy. It will increase local production, create job opportunities and improve our foreign exchange reserve position. I believe this will help in taking us ahead in our effort to diversify the economy and increase the contribution of the manufacturing sector to GDP. Most especially, the plant will provide jobs to Nigeria’s workforce, promote local content, and save the nation the extra cost of importing the now locally produced input’’.

Founded in 2001, CES Energy Solutions has extensive testing capabilities for corrosion, scale, hydrogen sulphide scavenger and other production-related requirements. The company will provide technical assistance to PEARL who is the exclusive representative for production chemicals in the oil-producing countries of Africa. CES manufactures raw ingredients that PEARL formulates within Nigeria to provide field strength chemicals. CES who wanted a partner in Africa that brought their own in-house expertise and facilities to compliment CES’ capabilities in North America, chose PEARL because of its impressive resume and the track record of Pacegate.

Also speaking, the Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB), represented by the General Manager, Project Authorisation and Certification, Engr. Paul Zuhumben, said, “We commend the effort of Pacegate Energy Resource Limited for investing an installed capacity of 12.9 metric tonnes into the manufacturing of chemicals solutions aspects of the hydrocarbon value chain in Nigeria. At the beginning of local content implementation, the board had always emphasised that its focus will be on developing in-country capacity in manufacturing, fabrication, engineering and other high-end services supporting the oil and gas industry. This project by Pacegate speaks effectively to this”

PEARL manufactures a wide range of chemicals and products such as Demulsifiers & Water Clarifiers, Corrosion Inhibitors, Scale Inhibitors, Biocides, and so on, while its technology partner, CES provides upstream chemical products bases.

With PEARL’s access to CES Energy Solution’s global state-of-the-art analytical and R&D laboratory capabilities as well as domain expertise for specialized test work, both companies continue to conduct innovative research and development activities to provide site-specific solutions across Africa.